One of Walk For The Beat’s objectives is to get America’s youth on the right track in terms of the proper physical activity and nutrition habits, which will ultimately lead our kids to living a heart healthy lifestyle.  In order to accomplish this objective, WFTB has partnered with Playworks Michigan.

Recent studies show that America’s childhood obesity rate is at 34%.  That is up from 3% in 1980.  It appears that many children are adopting the wrong habits early in life as it relates to fitness and nutrition, including sedentary lifestyle habits.  In many school districts throughout the state, recess during regular school hours has been, or is about to be eliminated.  This lack of activity during the day has been linked to the increased childhood obesity rate.

Playworks Michigan is an organization that organizes and deploys recess activities in various schools within Michigan, by providing a coordinated system to increase physical activity during recess.  They also provide a coach within each school, and work with the school’s staff to monitor these activities.

The following improvements have been reported in the partnering schools:

  • 96% of staff reported an increase in intensity of student physical activity during recess

In addition, the following benefits have also been realized in addition to increased activity:

  • 95% of staff reported an increase in the level of cooperation among students during recess
  • 85% of staff reported a decrease in the number of bullying incidents during recess
  • 96% of staff reported an increase in the level of participation in academic activities in the classroom
  • 79% of staff reported a decrease in disruptive events in the classroom

The program not only increases the activity levels of the students, it also instills discipline and commitment, which are integral components of leading a heart healthy lifestyle beyond the childhood years.

Walk For The Beat is proud to assist Playworks Michigan in carrying out their mission.  We looked forward to providing ongoing financial support of these programs.