Walk For The Beat is an agency that was designed to take head on, the growing issue of heart disease.  One of our key goals is to create a movement with the younger generation, ages 5-17, and provide them with the knowledge and desire to live a heart healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, we provide CPR training, along with fitness and nutrition skills to people of all ages, as it relates to being heart healthy.  Walk For The Beat also provides funding for heart research and will continue to work to find new advancements in preventing and treating heart disease.

Finally, a goal at Walk For The Beat is to assist families being put in financial jeopardy due to medical bills occurring from a heart related catastrophic event.

Our mission is simple:  Our mission is to build a powerful movement within local communities, that attacks the causes of cardiovascular disease.   

Our vision is even more simple: A world with fewer heart related catastrophic events.

Our Impact

Sure, funding for research is important, and Walk For The Beat is dedicated to assisting this cause. However, we believe that in order to facilitate a real change in regards to reducing or eliminating cardiovascular related catastrophic events, that a grass roots effort is needed.

Walk For The Beat is going community to community across America to advocate the importance of heart health. Concentrating on the younger generation is where we believe this country will see the best results. For a cultural shift to occur towards a heart healthy lifestyle, it has to start with America’s youth.

Walk For The Beat is committed to work tirelessly to assist those in need financially. Therefore, our impact will be felt in these three facets of our lives: emotionally; physically; and financially. We reduce the burden of stress in all these important areas.

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"A Movement That Attacks The Causes of Heart Disease"